Life span indirect evaluation of three alpine perennial plants

  • I.E. Sizov Department ol System Ecology, Academical Center for Mathematical Biology, Puschino State University, Punchino, Moscow Region, 142492 Russia
  • V.G. Onipchenko Department of Geobotany, Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119899 Russian Federation
  • A.S. Komarov Laboratory Of Ecosystems Modeling, Institute of basic Problems of Biology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Puschino, Moscow Region, 142292 Russia
Keywords: North West Caucasus, age stage, life table, censored data, life span, Anemone speciosa, Carum caucasicum, Campanula tridentata


Three non clonal alpine species, namely Anemone speciosa, Campanula tridentata, and Carum caucasicum were chosen for life span analysis. Marked specimens of the species were observed at permanent plots of alpine heaths in the NW Caucasus for 18 year annually. Life tables were developed for detailed description of death rate in the populations. Death probability and life expectation were calculated on this base. For our incomplete data we conducted analysis in suggestion that age-specified death rate is constant after the observation period. Life expectations were estimated as 385, 65, and 53 years for A. speciosa, C. tridentata, and C. caucasicum, correspondingly.

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Sizov, I., Onipchenko, V., & Komarov, A. (1999). Life span indirect evaluation of three alpine perennial plants. Oecologia Montana, 8(1-2), 21-26. Retrieved from
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