Makrozoobentos vysokohorských ekosystémov tat-ranských jazier

  • I. Krno Ústav ekológie Prírodovedeckej fakulty UK, Mlynská dolina B-2, 842 15 Bratislava, Slovenská republika
Keywords: hydrobiology, makrozoobenthos, glacial lakes, the High Tatras Mts.


The primary objective is to compare macrozoobenthos assemblages of the two glacial lakes in the High Tatras Mts. The study was conducted in the Starolesnianske pleso (glacial lake) and Nižné Terianske pleso in the period 1993-97. The samples were taken from littoral zone and flow in and flow off streams. Starolesnianske pleso is located in the Veľká Studená valley in the elevation of 2 000 m a.s.l. (size 0.7 ha, depth 4.2 m, pH 4.9). The lake has a high sedimentation rate resulting from the soil erosion from surrounding slopes. Littoral zone is characterized by high biomass of benthic material and macrozoobenthos. Species of genus Corynoneura, Eukieferiella, and Drusus typical for oligothrophic lake occurred in the period before 1930. Later, intensive acidification resulted in new ecological conditions similar to dystrophic lakes. Common palearctic species, Nemurella pictetti, Limnephilus coenosus, Agabus bipustulatus, Agabus solieri, Hydroporus palustris, and Hydroporus incognitus with multi year generation cycle are typical. Detriophages and predators dominated. Nižné Terianske pleso (glacial lake) lays in the Nefcerska valley in the elevation 1 941 m a.s.l. (size 4.8 ha, depth 44.4 m, pH 6.9). It is a characteristic oligothrophic glacial lake with very low rate of sedimentation. The littoral zone has very low biomass of benthic organic matter. Lake basin is characterized by the occurrence of Carpathians endemic and central European mountain species with univoltine life cycles. Scrapers dominate in the littoral zone, whereas detrio-phages dominate in flow in and flow off streams. Totally, 2 species of the order Plecoptera (Leuctra rosinae and Capnia vidua), 1 species of Trichoptera (Drusus monticola) were found in flow in stream, whereas 4 species of Plecoptera (Protonemura brevistyla, Leuctra pusilla, Capnia vidua, and Diura bicaudata), 2 species of Trichoptera (Allogamus starmachi and Chaetopteryx polonica), and 1 species of Diptera (Prosimulium latimucro) were detected in flow off stream. 3 species of Trichoptera, 2 species of Plecoptera, and 1 species of Ephemeroptera occurred in the littoral zone. Only, stonefly Diura bicaudata has semivoltine life cycle, egg diapause with consequent year larvae development.

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