Caddisfly communities of the flow profile Revúca and Ľubochnianka

  • T. Ferencziová Institute of High Mountain Biology, University of Žilina, SK - 059 56 Tatranská Javorina 7, Slovac Republic
  • J. Lukáš Faculty of Sciences, Comenius University, Mlynská dolina B-2, SK- 84215 Bratislava, Slovakia
Keywords: Caddisflies, microhabitat, Revúca, Ľubochnianka, the low Tatra Mts.


In this work we investigated two caddisfly communities (Trichoptera) along the profiles of the river flows Revúca and Ľubochnianka in Central Slovakia. Family Brachycentridae, represented by the species Micrasema minimum was dominant in both communities. The greatest differences in community composition were found at the site Ľubochnianka 2 between acal-psammal and moss substrates, as well as at the site Revúca 1. The greatest differences in the species composition of caddisflies and evenness were found in the upper section of Revúca river. Analysis of caddisfly communities on different substrates has shown that species Anitella obscurata preferred fine grained substrate of acal-psammal, whereas species Hydropsyche incognita and Micrasema minimum were the most dominant on microhabitat moss.

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