Contribution to the birds and mammals of Ladakh (N India)

  • J. Flousek Krkonose National Park, 543 01 Vrchlabi, Czech Republic
Keywords: birds, mammals, Ladakh


Altogether 86 bird and 11 mammal species were observed during two one-month visits to eastern, southern and central Ladakh (ca 3300–5500 m asl) in 2007 and 2011: they are listed, and more detailed information added for some of them. Data on abundance and family size of Anser indicus on the lake Tso Moriri are given, a detailed map with numbers of Equus kiang in visited areas is provided, and occurrence of the endangered species Grus nigricollis and Panthera uncia is confirmed. A new bird species (Emberiza stewarti) is added to the list of Ladakh’s vertebrates.

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