Genetic Tracking of Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)in the Belianske Tatry Mountains

  • J. Barilla Institute of High Mountain Biology, University of Žilina, SK - 059 56 Tatranská Javorina 7, Slovac Republic
Keywords: The Belianske Tatry Mountains, genetic tracking, microsatellites, population size estimation, Ursus arctos, non-invasive samples


In the last decade, molecular tools have been often used in the field of ecology. This study describes the genetic tracking of brown bear population in the Belianske Tatry Mountains. We collected non-invasive samples such as hairs and faeces of brown bears which contain enough genetic material for the DNA isolation. The analysis of five microsatellites loci helped to determine 12 original genotypes in the study area. Besides the estimation of individuals living in our study area, we calculated the genetic variability of this population. Obtained data of genetic variability was helpful for the comparison with other brown bear populations. We find out a limited geneflow with the other Slovak subpopulation. However, a significantly verified bottleneck from the 20th century compared with the small isolated European brown bear population showed us a relatively big genetic diversity of brown bears living in the Belianske Tatry Mountains. This study shows the potential of using molecular technologies in the research of such mysterious animals as brown bears are.
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