Nature protection and protected area financing

Workshop on current problems of high mountains protection in Norway and the Slovak Republic, Bø, 27.4.2015 - 1.5.2015

  • P. Mikoláš Institute of High Mountain Biology, University of Žilina, SK - 059 56 Tatranská Javorina 7, Slovac Republic
Keywords: Ecosystem services, Financing protected areas, revenues from trading, Slovakia


There is an urgent need for intensive and effective nature conservation. The main areas of concern regarding the protected areas in Slovakia are the socio - political situation, current legislation and a general lack of interest in nature protection (Pogányová and Hatala 2012). To improve this, changes must be made to existing laws. Although those responsible for the protected areas at present are expert organizations, unfortunately they have no direct impact on nature and landscape protection. A study of Kluvánková - Oravská (2002) suggests that the most appropriate model for the National Parks and Protected Landscape Areas in Slovakia is a public institute - as used to great effect in the running of universities. New legislation is needed which will transfer legal powers from the Ministry of the Environment, county and district offices and the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate to the administrators of all our protected areas.
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