Prínos Ernesta Bethlenfalvyho k výskumu vysokohorskej biológie v Tatrách

  • D. Janovičová Institute of High Mountain Biology, University of Žilina, SK - 059 56 Tatranská Javorina 7, Slovac Republic
Keywords: Ernest Bethlenfalvy, nature conservation, Tatras, Tatras fauna


This work is focused on bringing more light and knowledge on Bethlenfalvy‘s life in terms of his activities and studies in favor of nature conservation. Thanks to our attempt to recast his works from historical Hungarian language to historical Slovak language there is a possibility to look deeper into the life of a local naturalist at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The main objective of this work is the summary of Bethlenfalvy’s ideas on nature conservation. At first glance he might seem as a contradictory personality, with his passion for hunting on one side and with his passion for conservation on the other, but it needs to be understood that at that time of his life there was no basis of the nature protection layed yet, and most of the expert naturalists in that time came from hunting comunity. Therefore, he must be seen as a man who, despite a passion for hunting sacrificed a lot of time to solve problems caused by unnecessary interventions of man in nature.
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