Contribution to the lichen flora of the Tatra Mountains II

  • Z. Kyselová Tatra National Park, Research Centre, 059 60 Tatianská Lomnica, Slovakia
Keywords: Lichen, distribution, the Tatra Mountains


This article provides uptodate information about the occurence and distribution of some lichen species in the Tatta Mountains. Belonia incarnate, Bryonora castanea, Caloplaca isidiigera, Massalongia carnosa, Nephroma arcticum, Peccania coralloides and others have previously been reported from a restricted number of localities. Solorina octospora is reported as new species for the West Carpathian Mountains. Species considered as extinct or missing are mentioned: Arthonia didyma, A punctiformis, Cyphelium karelicum, Peltigera colina and Usnea carpatica. Attention has been given to critically endangered species, where extinction is a possibility e.g.; Cetraria laureri, Leptogium saturninum, Lobaria pulmonaria, Menegazzia terebrata. Nephroma parile, Normandina pulchella, Thelotrema lepadinum.

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